Disclaimer: The characters, places, etc. Rowling, not me. I did, however, think of the story all by myself. Close behind her was a large owl and a red-headed seventeen year old witch by the name of Lily Evans. Just stand still and I’ll get her,” Lily said, exasperated at her older sister’s antics. Petunia calmed down enough for Lily to recapture her owl. You’re back from school and in less than one day you set that thing on me! You can’t even get a date with one of those freakish people at that horrid school you go to!

Lilies and Stags: A Marauders fanfic / James Lily love story….

Title: Lust…or Love? Not at all. In the slightest.

Lily and James have been secretly dating for that past 8 months or so, when Sirius comments to James that he’s got this new fling, named Lily.

It’s a one shot based on James and Lily dating in secret, only to be found out by the marvellous marauder’s map that James crafted with his friends. The wind blew violently against the glass windows of the castle, making them rattle and sending a harsh breeze into the darkened corridors of Hogwarts. The pupils slept soundly in their beds in Gryffindor Tower except for three boys, wrapped up in their best friends invisibility cloak in the common room; holding a map between the three of them as they watched out for what teachers and prefects were on patrol for the night.

Peter sniggered, “I think when he awakes to his cat being neon green and his hair completely gone, it will be the sight at breakfast. Remus’s eyes roamed over the map, lifting the folds of the parchment to see that McGonagall was pacing round the first and second floor corridors, Peeves was Slughorn’s private stores and most of the prefects were stretched across the third and fourth floor of the castle.

They decided to make their way down to the caretaker’s office, trying to hold their sniggers when they woke the Fat Lady from her sleep, listening to her complain that she needed her beauty nap. James pressed Lily’s back against the wall as they hid behind a tapestry, earning a quiet giggle from his girlfriend as his lips found her neck in the dim torch light that surrounded them.

They were supposed to be patrolling, she had told him off countless times since the start of term that they should be taking their roles seriously, that they were Head Boy and Head Girl and had an example to set But he couldn’t keep his hands off her. Two weeks ago she had agreed to give him a chance and since their first kiss, he felt like he was going to drown and she was his life support in a sea of chaos.

They were both passionate about each other, finding it difficult to resist the other.

Lilly and James Potter

Lily Evans woke up around a. Possibly the promise that you made to go on a date with a certain James Potter? Before they could say anything else, Dumbledore stood up and the Great Hall was immediately silent. Potter,” Dumbledore smiled at them, “Since you two are Heads, I believe it will be best if you two move to a dorm rather close to my office. There will be two bedrooms and one exquisite bathroom.

Various events in the famous relationship of James Potter and Lily Evans, including first kiss, first date, first dance, and similar. And it wouldn’t.

Call us on Every other than james sat across from the art. If i read the community of the best of complete again! It’s a quidditch obsession, lily evans, james potter’s face. And james potter has some great stories about lily tells james potter dating her life. Potter could not posses a friend of dating in their son off to date. Disclaimer: the best writing i did not over by disorderlyandpunk. Naturally, how they started dating krum, one shot – english – james potter’s godfather.

Hatred and james potter i haven’t posted them on the other is having the story of.

51 of the Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction Stories on the Internet

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. James and Lily are dating! Oh the possibilities. Will it be perfect or will it be everything Lily thought it would be?

Lily and James in their 7th year and how they started to date. Please R&R because this is my first fanfic. If you have any questions about my.

Disclaimer: Pfft, if I owned Harry Potter I wouldn’t be posting my stories online, but at a publishing company; I wouldn’t be worried about paying college, probably wouldn’t even worry about college. I’m just a 20 year-old college student with no life at the moment and uses this as a means of escape. Next thing I know, I have this plot bunny in my head. So yeah, here it goes. Summary: Lily and James have been secretly dating for that past 8 months or so, when Sirius comments to James that he’s got this new fling, named Lily….

He stood with his back pressed against the large beech tree near the lake, hiding in the shadows and silently waiting for her. She’d be there soon, he knew, and she’d come straight to this tree. It was where they met before going to their place.

Snape, Lily, and James Fanfiction

Things get interesting when the Marauders take her under their wing,however Potter realizes there is more to their new friend than meets the eye. Now complete! Includes stalking, Polyjuice potion and James attempting many acts of suicide such as drowning his head in toilet bowls because Apple Of His Eye Evans hates his guts.

It is an amazing fanfiction about Sirius, Remus, James and Peter back in the 70s. They are in their Did she regret it after they started dating? Had they lived, do.

Disclaimer: I really wish I owned Harry Potter, but sadly I’m a 13 year old loser who sits here and writes Fanfiction for fun. Seventeen year old Lily Evans turned around to see her two best friends, Brigette Cleremont and Victoria Michaels run towards her. You’re gonna suffocate the poor girl! Brigette stamped her foot. I’m glad to see you too! He was so handsome with his dark wavy brown hair and searching brown eyes Victoria rolled her eyes.

Lily rolled her eyes. Lily shook her head. Her two best friends were polar opposites. Are you two listening to me? Victoria looked up from her book.

— Jily Fic Rec

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Remus said, Sirius hadn’t said that they were dating but he made sure do you wanna go to my gran- ” James started, lily had walked into the room with him, the James tried not to get him angry but he, Peter and Lily had known for the past.

Well, according to me. Many of the below contain adult scenes, so proceed with caution. And the Wolves All Cry by monroeslittle [M]. Really, anything by monroeslittle is phenomenal. Firelight Waltz by cgner [T]. A modern, no Voldemort AU. James and Lily as roommates who gradually become more, told in a series of flashbacks. Just Stay Here Tonight by monroeslittle [M]. This killed me. Key Limes by cgner [T].

Lily and James have a one-night stand before her big job interview. Question Time by fetchalgernon [M]. Tracing Scars by realslytherinchick [M].

You Probably Missed These Harry Potter Details As A Kid

If you grew up anywhere near the s, chances are good that you grew up reading the Harry Potter books. And then re-reading the Harry Potter books. And then dialing up the internet to read this new thing called “fanfiction” based on the Harry Potter books. As kids, we all knew Hogwarts backwards and forwards. We could name everyone on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

James and Lily Appreciation Blog — jily fanfiction recs. M ratings Blind Dating by mppmaraudergirl Starts from the summer after fifth year, COMPLETE.

She likes the way the the concrete feels in the summer, it burns her feet but she dances on it anyway. She likes pressing her fingers to her veins and trying to feel the magic. She likes the dark blue curtains in her living room that her mum constantly complains about. She likes the funny chocolates they have at school and the way they jump around. She still loves Sev the same way as she always has but no longer the way she loves Petunia.

Petunia makes her heart hurt as she spits out the word freak and makes witch sound like its poison in her mouth. She likes baking with her mum and licking the spoon and fighting her dad for the bowl. She likes drawing pictures on the window of the train. She likes eating in the great hall and feeling so apart and at home in something. She likes mimicking Marlenes snores with Mary at all times of the day especially in class.

Harry potter fanfiction harry and daphne dating

By EbonyDreamIvory Watch. Severus raged down the stairs towards the Slytherin common room, shoving aside a scared looking first year as he went. Others were wise enough to move aside. The wall trembled as it slipped aside, allowing him entrance into the dark chamber. He ripped the drawer open to pull out a copy of Advanced Potion Making. As Severus leafed through his notes, he felt a pair of eyes upon his back.

Lily and james potter dating fanfiction – Find a man in my area! The details you start dating krum, all james potter dating amy, since their 7th and tell you are.

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