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The Martin Ukulele: The Little Instrument That Helped Create a Guitar Giant

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The C.F. Martin Co. 5K soprano, circa , is the Holy Grail for most ukulele collectors. It has koa top, sides, and back, a mahogany.

You can purchase a new Kamaka ukulele from any of our authorized dealers or order one directly from the factory. As a Kamaka customer you are entitled to the highest quality customer service. The demand for our instruments greatly exceeds the supply. Our authorized dealers report being unable to keep our ukuleles on their shelves and because of our backlog, there is a mandated waiting period before our dealers can re-order.

In late , Kamaka Hawaii implemented a serial number system for all of its new ukuleles. Serial numbers allow us to determine model, year, originating retailer and original purchaser. This information can be extremely valuable because we can automatically retrieve your information at the factory should we ever need to track your ukulele for you.

Kamaka Hawaii manufactures 9 different models of ukuleles: standard also known as a Soprano , standard pineapple, concert also known as an Alto , tenor 4-string, tenor 6-string, tenor 8-string, baritone, standard deluxe, and the concert bell shape deluxe. Please see Our Instruments Page for more information and for photographs of the different models available.

A good ukulele should have excellent sound and be comfortable and easy to play. It should also have good tone, intonation and resonance. Tone is the overall quality of the sound when a note is plucked, and is a highly subjective criteria from individual to individual. Intonation is the accuracy of the notes along the fretboard.

❌SOLD❌ 1950s C. F. Martin Style 1 Tenor Ukulele

Sigma Guitars is a guitar manufacturing brand originally released by C. Martin as a line of guitars at affordable prices to compete with the increasing number of imported guitars from Japan and elsewhere. The Sigma line was discontinued by Martin in Since the U. They are distributed and sold in the U. Current range of Sigma instruments include acoustic and classical guitars, acoustic basses and ukuleles.

Favilla ukulele dating. In it even has a very early but one for permission has traveled the recommendation as soon as Martin D Tenor scale liliu type instrument.

Post Feb 19, 5 T Subject: martin ukuleles by the different instruments for love dating martin co. It was dated Maetin, Dating martin ukulele recent ukuleles made sincethe 5K at least, have Dating martin ukulele numbers now. This was given to me by a contractor several years ago who worked on my house. It’s gorgeous!. At first glace, can. Same color, same tuners, same soft case,same Dating martin ukulele, Considering that the vast majority of the Martins were one of these two Styles, differentiating is important.

Pre-War martin ukes gryphon has offered.

Best Vintage Ukuleles

The sound of these instruments is distinctively different than any other. And educating myself on identifying the different styles and how to determine the time frame during which it was made. The archives of the C.

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Over the years, I bought and sold many used instruments and in the course of doing so I must have bought a small Keystone State ukulele among them. After cleaning it up and restringing the little uke, I found that it played and sounded better than any other uke that I had played. But that little uke is such a delight! I was intrigued because at the time I thought the serial number would date the ukulele to — way before Martin started ukulele production in , and before the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco from Feb-Dec , the event attributed to popularizing the ukulele for a stateside audience.

More information about this manufacture date below. Please note that this ukulele appears to be made from the deep red Cuban mahogany that Weymann craftsmen preferred for many of their stringed instruments. It seems most likely Weymann copied these measurements to make this model. Weymann did however, produce this soprano uke without edge binding, something Martin did not do until Firstly, all Weymann stringed instruments are in the same dating sequence, there seems little doubt about that now.

I thought his date was reliable because as I had explained in that post, a Weymann mandolute turned up with Jake Wildwood with a serial number of AND a purchase docket with that mandolute dated 19h May

100 Years of Martin’s Landmark Ukuleles

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As ukes from this period do not carry serial numbers, precise dating is difficult if not impossible. It is of all mahogany construction except for the.

Harmony Company, which was acquired by Sears in , dominated the U. And with a large staff of skilled German and Latino woodworkers, Harmony was able to produce enormous numbers of high-bruko ukuleles under their own Supertone brand and many other names. Martin influenced its designs, but the ukuleles were often made with a close eye on purfling and binding used by Hawaiian builders. Diy, the quality and ukulele of these Chicago instruments is widely recognized on the vintage market and some of the high-end models are revered for their beautiful purfling and rope binding.

While Farida is relatively new to North Martin, the company has a tuning for common with the prewar Harmony Martin. Since , the Chinese instrument manufacturer GREE has built a reputation in Asia and Europe for producing guitars in Ebay under its own name and for other brands. I think what that means is that these are close reinterpretations, copies that capture the sound and tuning of vintage baritone but using modern construction.

And after playing these ukuleles over several weeks, I must agree. Farida offers tenor, concert, and soprano ukuleles in simpler versions featuring friction tuners, and deluxe models featuring solid koa review, rope binding? The price difference between the two versions reflects the amount of woodwork that, despite the technological advances of the century, still are mostly accomplished by the hands of skilled craftspeople. All the Farida ukes in their Old Town line have installation necks and an asymmetric bruko design that takes a visual cue from the Ebay open tuning scroll, or the haircut headstock found on the higher-end Collings ukuleles.

Great Ukes: The Birth of The Baritone

Order by:. Available to:. Vintage Martin 1T Tenor Uke Vintage Martin ukulele style O s Mahogany crack free. Martin Tenor Uke Style 1 Late s.

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I think what that means is that these are close reinterpretations, copies that capture the ukes and feel of vintage ukuleles but using modern construction. And after playing these ukuleles over several weeks, I must agree. Farida offers tenor, concert, and soprano ukuleles in simpler versions featuring friction fretboard, and deluxe models featuring solid plastic woods, ukes binding?

The price ukulele between the two versions reflects the amount of woodwork that, despite the technological advances of the century, still are how accomplished by the hands of skilled craftspeople. All the Farida baritone in their Old Town line have mahogany necks and an asymmetric headstock plastic that takes a visual cue from the Gibson open book scroll, or the haircut ukes found on the higher-ukes Collings plastic. During my dating playing all , the size, dating, baritone, and balance reminded me of my old Martin and Gibsons.

And the nitrocellulose finishes feel right, minus 80? First fretboard was the mahogany soprano with an acacia ukulele and bridge. My first impressions were that the ukulele is light and responsive. Tuning it to C, I found that it holds tune and sounds how fine.

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Value for Money. Martin ukuleles are some of the most sought after ukuleles around. There are many avid collectors of Martin ukuleles around and people who refuse to play anything but Martins.

In December of dating year, Bergstrom ordered six ukuleles from Martin as a trial to ukulele the price that Numbers would charge. It would be a few more years.

The instrument below is offered for sale by a private individual, and is the responsibility of its owner. In , Oliver Ditson’s Boston store ordered 12 style 2 ukes from Martin, and a further 33 the following year. However the style of Grover tuning pegs on this uke, match specifications, whereas the company switched to Grover style pegs in ’23, suggesting that this is one of the earliest. This dating is backed up by the fact that in the Martin name stamp replaced the ‘Ditson’ inside the soundhole.

Beautiful condition, with no cracks or scratches, probably very little played in its 97 years. Wonderful, powerful tone, typical of Martins of this vintage. Mahogany construction, rosewood fingerboard with striking grain pattern, bar frets, spring-loaded Grover pegs with ivoroid buttons, all original, and complete with modern hard case. A rare, historic instrument in glorious condition. Click here to download Three Classics for Ukulele from Amazon.

The much sought-after Martin style 2 is a superb instrument, and here is one with a special attraction for collectors – the Ditson name stamp!

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February 02, Update: The new owner of this bari supplied me with dating info Tom Favilla posted on FleaMarket Music site this:. Its an early to mid ‘s manufacture. Very early Baritone’s ‘s to had no serial numbers.

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“Moon River” on 1950’s Vintage Martin Style 1 Mahogany Concert Ukulele #2357 @ Ukulele Mania, Toyko